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Calling Out Cishet Men

At the time of this writing, I am almost 2 months into a journey of fueling this body with testosterone. And let me tell you, it has opened my eyes. I have a somewhat unique viewpoint, having been fueled by estrogen 48 years since… Read More Calling Out Cishet Men ...


Would you like to taste freedom?  It’s possible to free your body and liberate your mind by using simple sound practices.  I went from a life of abuse, stress, and chronic illness to a life I love filled with peace and freedom, beyond my wildest dreams.  You can, too.

When we open to and align with the larger natural frequencies of the Universe, our nervous system immediately calms down and goes off of high alert.  This can be done with no added substances; your body contains everything it needs for you to live a free, peaceful, and vibrant life.  In these volatile times we live in, it is essential for our health and well-being to engage in practices that give our nervous system a rest.  These practices reveal that we are connected with all beings, and that creates a better world for everyone to enjoy. Please explore the services and other information offered on this website to find out how.

Shāktānanda Āshram, located on occupied Ssts ‘p-abc (Sammamish) land, believes BLACK LIVES MATTER, operates in the Sacred Gift Economy, and is a place for gathering in community.  Founded on the Universal principles of Love, Compassion, Cooperation, Integrity, Grace, and Ease, we are a safe and welcoming space for people of all races, religions, genders, sexual preferences, and political leaningsRespecting our inherent right to self-determination is of the utmost importance.

We are a community āshram; a private residence which has space reserved for gatherings of individuals and groups of people from all walks of life and practitioners of all spiritual paths. We meet at pre-determined times to engage in activities that enhance our individual internal connection to the Divine as well as to each other in community.

Events at Shāktānanda Āshram use Matṛka Shakti, the power of Sacred Sound, woven together with New Thought principles that teach that since we are always co-creating with the Universe, it is wise to choose what we create mindfully.  The sacred sound practices are sourced from Indian Yogic Philosophy including Tantrism and Hinduism.  We honor and give gratitude to the elders and teachers who have preserved these practices and shared them so generously down through the millennia.  We commit to teach them as authentically as possible, in order to protect and honor their legacy.  These practices serve to expand our awareness, so that we awaken to our true nature, and they enhance our experience of life on many levels.  Beneficial side-effects include an increased capacity to live in the world with peace and power.

Sacred activism is a responsibility we take seriously.  Sound is generative, including the words we speak and thoughts we think.  We use our voices backed up by our actions to create an inclusive, compassionate world.  We do this by using our time and energy to center indigenous voices, promote indigenous events, and using any privilege we may have to speak up for the purpose of dismantling systems of oppression and exploitation.  We also know that everyone is on a continuum, and we are constantly examining our biases as we learn more and do better.

Shāktānanda” means the all encompassing bliss that comes from recognizing our true nature of Oneness with Shakti, also known as Consciousness in form.  Shakti is the power of the entire Universe, and is the power that animates our body/minds.  She is the source of our aliveness.

Āshram comes from the Sanskrit root śram (shram), meaning to make effort or to strive toward higher consciousness. Adding the ā at the beginning of a word in Sanskrit denotes the opposite of. So, āśram literally means with ease. It’s also closely related to āśrayaya which means refuge.

You are welcome to share your ideas for how this community space can be used for the benefit of our individual and collective journeys.

Devī Bhaktānanda offers spiritual coaching sessions, workshops and  sessions in chanting, meditation, and sacred art for individuals and groups, leads kirtan, creates sacred ritual, and hosts community events that encourage mindfulness and spiritual exploration. They healed a 8 1/2 year chronic disability through chanting Gāyatri Mantra, as taught by Gina Salā for six short weeks back in 2007.  This miracle ignited their passion and insatiable appetite for ancient Indian spiritual practices, which has taken them to India for a combined 24 months over the last 10 years. For more in depth information, please go to