Nāda (Sound) Yoga Sessions

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Sound Yoga, also called Nāda Yoga in Sanskrit, is yoga for every body.  Sound uses the element of space to penetrate every cell of your body.  It’s like taking a sound bath from within, with no singing bowls needed, just your voice.  We’ll use sacred Sanskrit syllables, alone and in combination to create a field of wholeness.  Emphasis will be placed on correct pronunciation to maximize efficacy.

Private and group sessions available.  For more information, please fill out the form below:  … Read the rest

Reiki Sessions

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Reiki is one of the gentlest healing modalities around.  There is no downside to Reiki, your body calls in and utilizes the exact amount of energy it needs to direct its self healing and never a bit more.  Clients report a marked decrease in pain, stiffness, and a greater sense of peace after a session.

I received all three of my Reiki attunements in India. I received Level One in Kerala in 2009 and Levels Two and Three in Almora in 2012. I healed my body of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia by chanting Sacred Sound in 2007, so I like to mix that with my Reiki, if my clients find that useful.

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Sacred Ceremony – Pūjā and Homam

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Sacred ceremonies from Dharmic traditions India can both call in beneficial energies and clear blockages so that you can live a more powerful and engaged life.  You receive the benefit whether or not you are present.

A Pūjā or Homam can last anywhere from twenty minutes to three hours, and a homam from two to three hours, depending on the complexity, in addition to the one hour setup time for both.  There are consumables such as ghee, wood (for sacred fires), flowers, and food offerings that go into the ritual as well.  Please consider this information as you formulate your financial offer.  To sponsor a pūjā or homam, please fill out the form below:  … Read the rest