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Intersectionality of Spiritual Practice and Activism

I’ve been fortunate this year in having many spiritual practices show up that have expanded my sense of peace and security and enabled me to interact in a powerful way in the outer world. I’m finding it difficult to talk about them, because they’re not spiritual at all.

Except, they are.

It’s a fun conundrum. That’s why I think talking about the intersection is important.

How is burning up my physical body along with all socially constructed self images, creating a new energy body, and then thickening it into my physical body every day spiritual? I don’t know, but this particular practice, called deha-shuddhi -> amṛta-vyāpti -> prakāśa-kāya, is taken out of an ancient Tantrik text, so it must be, right? It’s taught as a means to experience that the body, as well as all the layers of self-hood, are an instantiation of pure Consciousness.

The results were instantaneous from the very first time I practiced it, but I  can’t say this one will have the same effect for everyone.  I’ve been practicing other simple and more complex practices for over five years, so I might have just primed the pump so well that it didn’t take much to get the juice flowing in this one.  It’s one of those practices that lit me up so brightly, it inserted itself into my daily practice effortlessly.  It’s something I can’t leave out, like breathing.  If you want to know if it’s got juice for you, you’ll have to try it out yourself.  The details on where to find it are below.

What are the results I’m experiencing, you ask? A pervasive sense of calm. Spaciousness around the thoughts that arise in my mind. Strength and vitality in my physical body. A sense of spaciousness in my sense of the flow of time. A feeling that there is enough of everything I need. And this last one is the most interesting to me, as it has only once briefly shown up in my life before, and I haven’t really cared one way or another about it: a natural impulse to create order, as in putting things away and cleaning up as I go along. The combination is exquisite.

These have created a rich experience of gentleness in my life. That gentleness soothes the traumatized parts of me that have been coming up for healing, allowing a feeling of substantial capacity to engage with all manner of other things that I feel called to do in the outer world.

deha-shuddhi -> amṛta-vyāpti -> prakāśa-kāya has given me the strength and capacity to speak out on immigration, racism, climate justice, and cultural appropriation, and be able to take the inevitable criticism that comes from people who don’t want their privilege challenged.  People who don’t want their idyllic bubbles burst can be quite vicious!  Doing this work can take its toll and leave a person feeling drained and depressed.  I’m so grateful for the wellspring of peace I carry inside of me and can access at will.

For anyone interested in exploring this practice for yourself, Christopher Hareesh Wallis has a short video teaching it, as well as other short and simple practices, what he calls “micro-meditations”, in his amazing closed fb group named Tantrik Yoga Now.  Just search for it, and request membership. To find them once you’re in the group, search on #StartHere or #FoundationalPractice.

I’d love to share this exploration with anyone who wants to.  Local and remote sessions are possible.  If you try it out and want to chat and compare notes, that would be cool, too.  Have fun!