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Sirī Jyoti Pūjā

Śrī Mātre Namaḥ.

I invite you to join me in the Sirī Jyoti Pūjā, an empowerment ritual developed by Guruji, Śrī Amṛtānanda Nātha Saraswatī of Devipuram.  Guruji developed this ritual as a condensed version of the Śrī Cakra Pūjā where the participants can derive all the benefits in a short period of time.

This Sirī Jyoti Pūjā was performed on Asvin Pūrṇimā in Bothell, Washington, USA as the culmination of my participation in the 15 day Dasarā Brahmotsavam conducted by Devipuram and contributed to by devotees around the world.  As such, it has a special section embedded in place of the typical Khaḍgamālā.  The special section is called Śukla Pakṣa Pūrṇimā Śuddha Mithuna Jayāntamālā, and it worships not only Śakti’s attendants, but Śiva’s as well, in the form of couples.

This pūjā has no restrictions.  It is appropriate for all ages and needs no initiation.  All you need is to have been freshly bathed, a comfortable seat, and an open and devotional heart.  Please set aside 1.5 hours in a place you will not be disturbed, and only begin if you can be uninterrupted for the entire pūjā. 

I offer this pūjā with the purest of intentions, along with a loving and devotional heart.  May it benefit all beings in all times and spaces.  Please forgive any stumbles I make.  All mistakes and omissions are entirely my fault, and should not reflect poorly on Guruji or any of my teachers.

Disclaimer:  Please partake of this pūjā with the purest of intentions.  Mantra science is powerful.  If pūjās are done with pure intentions, no harm will come.  If done with impure intentions, there is risk.  I accept no responsibility for any results that happen or do not happen from your participation in this pūjā.

To get the greatest benefit from this pūjā, I strongly encourage you to:

  • Watch it full screen,
  • Chant the preface syllables aiṁ hrīṁ śrīṁ, and sometimes aiṁ hrīṁ śrīṁ oṁ namaḥ,
  • Chant the endings of namaḥ or jaya jaya,
  • Place the hands and attention where indicated, and
  • Imagine pulling flowers from your heart center and placing them onto the yantra with me in Part 3.

Please note:  This video is not to be considered a class in Sirī Jyoti Pūjā.  It is an immersive practice, not a teaching, with minimal, if any, explanation of why we’re doing what we’re doing.  If anyone wants to learn the practice, including the definitions of all the Sanskrit terms within, Devipuram teaches a personal version of this practice called Kalāvāhana Pūjā in their Beginner’s Course, soon to be widely available online.  You may reach them with inquiries at info@devipuram.com.

With no further ado, here is the pūjā. Śrī Mātre Namaḥ.