I’ve been trying to extinguish this rant for three days. It just feels like more negativity in an already negative world, but damn, it needs to be said.

The current state of affairs with technology is FUCKED UP. I just upgraded to Office 2019 from 2010 a few days ago, and the invasion of my privacy is astounding!

Not only does it try to suck every part of my life online, the user interface for Outlook is completely unusable for me. Even after tweaking every possible font, spacing, and color setting, it’s still an instant headache that turns into functional blindness about about 15 minutes of trying to use it. Who designs this shit??? Clearly not someone who cares about users who may be aging or have visual processing issues.

Conversations with long time tech friends in a bar last night echoed conversations with friends at kirtans and other social events over the last year. Yes, we know [fill in the blank] is detrimental to overall society, but it’s convenient for me for [whatever reason]. *shrug*

Where is our moral compass here??? And no, I don’t think I’m overreacting. I’ve been in technology since before personal technology was invented. The amount of biometric harvesting and spying is obscene! The lack of personal autonomy and ownership of what I have paid for is nauseating. Our habits, voice, and images are fueling the engines of things that will further divide us, and is already responsible for the worst unequal wealth distribution since the Dark Ages. Others are getting rich off of our lives, and we don’t even have access to the data, much less a way to monetize it. It’s time to take back privacy! This is an interesting and informative article about doing just that. I usually glaze over whenever I encounter the word blockchain, as my brain just can’t parse the explanations of it, but for some reason, I kept reading this one. I invite you to do the same. Just replace “blockchain” with “this different tool” if you have issues with the word like I do.

We’ve all been seduced by “convenience”. It’s time to wake the fuck up. I am so over the complacency. Sadly, I think too many people are invested in their convenience and pacified by the shiny new gadgets for anything to change. Perhaps the Earth knows what She’s doing by doing away with a habitat hospitable to humans. Sorry/not sorry if this hits close to home and feels biting. It is.