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Envision What’s Possible 2022

2022 Visioning Workshop Flier

How does one find clarity for the future when the present is unprecedented?

As 2022 dawns, we are in uncharted waters. Twenty two months ago, we were groaning, “How can we possibly put up with this pandemic until June??”. Those three months sounded like an eternity, but almost two years later, here we are. The pandemic rages on, bringing new permutations to our reality with every surge.

Many things have changed. Some, we could never have imagined. We’re buffeted with new conditions to adapt to almost daily. Our signposts are all but unrecognizable.

In order to find clarity, we look to our elders, and in this case a long line of ancient elders, back to the Ṛṣis, the sages or seers in India who brought forth the Vedas.

We can use practices that have withstood the test of time to clear away doubt and confusion, touch our innate Essence, and envision a future that is calling us forth. With these practices, we can calm the mind and restore our sense of grounded, centered security, quieting the clatter of the outside world, so we may listen to what wants to come forth through us.

Join us on Zoom on February 19, from 1pm to 4pm PST, 4pm to 7pm EST as we tap into Divine Mind through sacred sound and guided meditation to unlock our creativity and envision what’s next. No prior experience necessary, just a sense of curiosity and willingness to engage. Event details and tickets at the link below. Zoom link mailed upon registration.

Envision What’s Possible 2022