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What is Freedom?

I believe freedom has many facets, and we have been mislead on what it means.  We have been convinced that the world we see outside of ourselves is of primary importance, and we have to conform to this world to get ahead in life.  This only serves to deny us our  freedom, and drive us deeper into bondage.

Inner freedom does not depend on the outer world.  It is accessible any time, day or night, no matter what is happening in our lives.  It is available in the midst of the most horrendous crisis and on the most beautiful peaceful day.

I believe it is time for us to reclaim our freedom.  One way to do this is to examine the stories we have allowed to control our lives.  One of these stories is the story of separation.

The story of separation is responsible for all hoarding, all competition, and all ideas of scarcity.  The story of separation has no bearing on the sun, the air, and the water that flows to bring life to all things on this planet.  Nature doesn’t operate within the story of separation, and neither should we.  We are the only species on earth that does not live by the cycles of nature, and we have much mental and physical illness to show for it.

Nature operates in the gift economy, with symbiosis and cooperation at its core.  This is the economy I am giving my life energy toward bringing into prominence.  Adopting a story of interconnectedness is necessary if we are going to avert climate disaster that has the very real potential to erase human life from the planet.  The benefits of such an economy are truly amazing, and hopefully we humans can guide ourselves there without being pushed into by catastrophe.

In service to this dream of a symbiotic human community where everyone’s needs are met by everyone, I’m now offering all of my services within the gifting model.

Services include:

If there is a service you desire, please make me an offer based on a combination of how much the service is worth to you and your ability to pay.  No offer is too small, and one will be denied due to financial inability to pay.

This is an offering from my heart with no strings attached.  I will maintain this model as long as I have enough to live on through it.  Love offerings to enable me to provide these services free of charge to those who need them are gratefully accepted.

We live in an abundant Universe.  The resources are widely available.  I believe we can share them in such a way that all beings can thrive, and I’m willing to stake my livelihood on it.  Will you join me?  Together we can be Free!