To facilitate experiencing the benefits of Sacred Sound, we host the following events:

  • Monthly Community Kirtans (Bhakti tradition of call and response chanting)
    At these family friendly kirtans, anyone can lead, play an instrument, accompany on percussion, dance, chant, or simply sit quietly and let the energy wash through them.
  • Private and group classes in meditation, chanting, and sacred yantra painting.
  • Prerecorded Sanskrit studies
  • Study groups of ancient Tantrik texts.
  • Space to participate in building a Gift Economy of both goods and services.
  • Sacred fire ceremonies called “homams” from a Sri Vidyā lineage of Shākta Tantra.  These are effective vehicles for clearing out unwanted patterns and energy from our lives.
  • Community conversations on Cultural Appropriation, Decolonization, Dismantling Systems of Oppression, and other important topics.