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Instead of bearing up under problems, what if they were a source of information about how to live the life of your dreams? They are! Or perhaps you have a dream, but don’t know where to start. You might not even know what your dream is, but feel like something is missing from your life.

As your Dream Doula, I will share gentle and joyful ways that interrupt the status quo inside your mind, which will allow your heart to open and begin to share what it wants to experience. If you wish, I can help you birth your dreams.

Each 2 hour Dream Doula session is offered on a Pay What You Will basis. Come mine your problems for the jewels they contain, or just explore your inner landscape and see what wants to be born! Schedule your session today!

Recent feedback from a satisfied client: “I had a lovely time yesterday. I have a new

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A Yantra is a visual representations of potent and divine energy body commonly referred to as a deity.  Most yantra-s in wide circulation depict these energies in the form of geometric shapes.  By arranging these shapes in a particular order in a mindful and devotional manner, they can bring harmonious and healing energies into your home.  They can also be used to shift and neutralize non-harmonious energies.

Your yantra should be displayed on an altar and used in devotional and meditative practices.  Custom yantras can be commissioned to be painted on windows or other suitable surfaces in your home or wellness studio.

A Yantra must be drawn in sacred space in a ritualized manner.  The yantra-s I offer take from one to 10 hours to draw and another one to 10 hours to paint, depending on the complexity, and have a tools and materials cost associated with them.  Please take that into consideration as you offer your gift.

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Sacred Economy Service Offerings

In service to my dream of a symbiotic human community where everyone’s needs are met by everyone, I’m now offering all of my services within the Collaborative Pricing model.  Clients are encouraged to make an offer based on what they can afford. Most services can be delivered long distance via technology.  Please ask if you are not sure.

Services include:

If there is a service you desire, please make me an offer based on a combination of how much the service is worth to you and your ability to pay.  No offer is too small, and no one will be denied due to financial inability to pay. This is Read the rest

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Affirmative Prayer Sessions / Spiritual Coaching

Need help in uncovering hidden beliefs and releasing blockages that are holding you back in areas of your life that are important to you?  Devī Bhaktānanda offers individual spiritual support sessions that bring a unique and powerful blend of New Thought Affirmative Prayer work and various consciousness practices from India to bear on whatever is holding you back.  Sessions are 1 hour in length.  Gift certificates are available.

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Nāda (Sound) Yoga Sessions

Sound Yoga, also called Nāda Yoga in Sanskrit, is yoga for every body.  Sound uses the element of space to penetrate every cell of your body.  It’s like taking a sound bath from within, with no singing bowls needed, just your voice.  We’ll use sacred Sanskrit syllables, alone and in combination to create a field of wholeness.  Emphasis will be placed on correct pronunciation to maximize efficacy.

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Reiki Sessions

Reiki is one of the gentlest healing modalities around.  There is no downside to Reiki, your body calls in and utilizes the exact amount of energy it needs to direct its self healing and never a bit more.  Clients report a marked decrease in pain, stiffness, and a greater sense of peace after a session.

I received all three of my Reiki attunements in India. I received Level One in Kerala in 2009 and Levels Two and Three in Almora in 2012. I healed my body of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia by chanting Sacred Sound in 2007, so I like to mix that with my Reiki, if my clients find that useful.

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Sacred Ceremony – Pūjā and Homam

Sacred ceremonies from Dharmic traditions India can both call in beneficial energies and clear blockages so that you can live a more powerful and engaged life.  You receive the benefit whether or not you are present.

A Pūjā or Homam can last anywhere from twenty minutes to three hours, and a homam from two to three hours, depending on the complexity, in addition to the one hour setup time for both.  There are consumables such as ghee, wood (for sacred fires), flowers, and food offerings that go into the ritual as well.  Please consider this information as you formulate your financial offer.  To sponsor a pūjā or homam, please fill out the form below:   Read the rest