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Sacred Economy Service Offerings

In service to my dream of a symbiotic human community where everyone’s needs are met by everyone, I’m now offering all of my services within the Collaborative Pricing model.  Clients are encouraged to make an offer based on what they can afford. Most services can be delivered long distance via technology.  Please ask if you are not sure.

Services include:

If there is a service you desire, please make me an offer based on a combination of how much the service is worth to you and your ability to pay.  No offer is too small, and no one will be denied due to financial inability to pay. This is an offering from my heart with no strings attached.  I will maintain this model as long as it is financially feasible for me to do so. For those with abundant resources, Love offerings over and above customary rates will enable me to provide these services free of charge to those who need them, and are gratefully accepted.

We live in an abundant Universe.  The resources are widely available if we use them cooperatively.  I believe we can share them in such a way that all beings can thrive, and I’m willing to stake my livelihood on it.  Will you join me?  Together we can be Free!