A Yantra is a visual representations of potent and divine energy body commonly referred to as a deity.  Most yantra-s in wide circulation depict these energies in the form of geometric shapes.  By arranging these shapes in a particular order in a mindful and devotional manner, they can bring harmonious and healing energies into your home.  They can also be used to shift and neutralize non-harmonious energies.

Your yantra should be displayed on an altar and used in devotional and meditative practices.  Custom yantras can be commissioned to be painted on windows or other suitable surfaces in your home or wellness studio.

A Yantra must be drawn in sacred space in a ritualized manner.  The yantra-s I offer take from one to 10 hours to draw and another one to 10 hours to paint, depending on the complexity, and have a tools and materials cost associated with them.  Please take that into consideration as you offer your gift.

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